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Women in Extractive Industries: Think, Strategize and Innovate - Launching of the Permanent Forum ''SEKHMET''
18 - 19 novembre 2013
Niamey, Republic of Niger, Niger


The 16th AFRICA OILGASMINE Trade and Finance Conference, co-organized by the UNCTAD, the Government of Niger, and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA), and in partnership with Cubic Globe, will dedicate two days to discussing and focusing on Women and Extractive Industries. This Special Event is entitled "Women in Extractive Industries - Think, Strategize and Innovate - SEKHMET".

The Special Event will bring together influential women, community and corporate stakeholders, NGO and experts in the extractive industries to discuss the diverse challenges faced by women in the sector. The outcome harmonizes the best practices that have proven effective in increasing women participation in the extractive industries, as part of a global initiative for gender development.

The Tattali-lyali Foundation will chair and moderate this Special Event. The Foundation was created in October 2011 by the First Lady of Niger, Dr. Malika Mahamadou Issoufou. The Foundation is a platform for implementing actions that will improve the conditions of women and children, who are most vulnerable in developing countries, such as Niger. Its activities include education, protection of the environment, access to water and sanitation, and creating job opportunities for women.

The Special Event will analyse the varied spectrum of the significance of women in extractive industries: from the boardrooms of oil, gas and mining companies, to rural women accessing modern cooking energy systems.

The topics to be covered include:

  • Women in leadership roles
  • Social and environmental issues facing women
  • Access to sustainable energy and empowerment opportunities for women
  • Enhancing access to finance for women
  • Building professional capacity for women
Co-organisé avec:UNCTAD and the Government of Niger, in cooperation with Cubic Globe Ltd.
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