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Regional Workshop on Trade Facilitation Implementation Plans
03 - 07 mars 2014
Crowne Plaza
Santo Domingo, République dominicaine


​The UNCTAD Division on Technology and Logistics is organising the present workshop with representatives of Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua and Paraguay. This falls in the framework of the UNCTAD project on “Implementation Plans for WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement in Developing Members” (financed by the European Union) for which UNCTAD has developed national implementation plans for the above mentioned countries. These documents contain an analysis of the current situation in terms of trade facilitation in each country as well as the necessary actions to be undertaken for achieving compliance with the text of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA).

The workshop will focus on the elaboration of advanced project proposals for five specific measures included in the new text of the WTO TFA recently adopted in Bali, and that are not yet implemented by the invited countries as they would require international assistance.
Senior officials from the Ministries of Trade, Agriculture and Health, Customs Authorities and private sector will participate in the workshop. Experts in Single Window and Test Procedures will also enrich discussions. A technical visit to the Port of Haina and special session to present project proposals to technical assistance and donor agencies will be also held.

Parrain / financement:European Union
Poul Hansen
Trade Facilitation Section, Trade Logistics Branch
T: +41 22 917 3258
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