Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on "Addressing the Transport and Trade Logistics Challenges of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS): Samoa Conference and Beyond"
11 juillet 2014
Room XXV, Palais des Nations


The 2014 Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (Samoa Conference) and the International Year of SIDS offer a renewed opportunity to focus international attention on the unique transport-related challenges facing SIDS and consider ways in which these can be better understood and adequately addressed. Against this background and in line with UNCTAD's mandate, including in particular the Doha Mandate which directs UNCTAD to "advise SIDS on the design and implementation of policies addressing their specific trade and trade logistics challenges linked to their remoteness and geographical isolation" (para. 56(j)), the Ad Hoc Expert Meeting will provide a platform for expert discussions on transport-related challenges facing SIDS and on how best to address these challenges. Relevant issues to be considered include inter alia:

  • Transport and trade logistics challenges in SIDS: current state of play

  • Sectoral inter-linkages between transport and trade as well as other key economic sectors of relevance to SIDS, in particular, tourism and fisheries

  • Climate change impacts on transport infrastructure in SIDS and adaption needs

  • Financing requirements as a cross-cutting enabling factor

  • Priority action areas and effective response measures

  • The role of partnerships, relevant partners and collaboration mechanisms



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