Short courses on key issues on the international economic agenda for delegates from Permanent Missions in Geneva
01 octobre 2014
10:00-13:00 hrs., Room XXIV, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Suisse


Proactive fiscal, trade and industrial policies and their role in attaining development goals



Developing countries need effective policy instruments in order to pursue rapid and inclusive economic growth and meet future global development goals.

This course focuses on the role of proactive fiscal, trade and industrial policies, examining recent experiences, historical evidence and theoretical insights.

Including speakers from several branches of the Division, the course will highlight examples of countries that have successfully implemented industrial policies despite heightened constraints from international governance systems.

Speakers will discuss some of the most important reasons why interest in such policies has revived since the turn of the century on the part of both developed and developing countries.

The course will conclude by showing why and how global governance needs to be reformed, multilateral mechanisms need to be strengthened and policy space needs to be preserved, if development goals are to be attained.

A debate on the issues and the sharing of experiences by participants will be encouraged.

Delivered by: Division on Globalization and Development Strategies

Mr. Mohan Panicker, Project Coordinator
Knowledge Sharing, Training and Capacity Development Branch
Division on Technology and Logistics
Tel.: 022 917 2561


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