We use our convening power to bring together government, business, civil society, academia and other international organizations. Together, we debate, exchange experiences, identify best practices, and develop global standards on the most pressing issues of the day.

These discussions take place at hundreds of events, which we organize every year, mostly at our headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more information on upcoming meetings and other events, see the schedule.
A calendar view of Meetings is also available.

UNCTAD Conference

The UNCTAD Conference is our highest decision-making body and meets every four years to establish our mandate.

Trade and Development Board

The Trade and Development Board oversees the activities of the organization and deals with policy issues, management and institutional matters.

Working Party

The Working Party on the Strategic Framework and the Programme Budget reviews our communication strategy, publications programme, technical cooperation activities and programme of work.


The Commissions on trade and development, and investment, enterprise and development set work priorities in the fields concerned.

Working groups

Working groups of experts on accounting standards, and competition laws and policies meet to update guidelines on a regular basis.

Expert meetings

Expert meetings are called on either an ad hoc or regular basis to identify specific solutions to development problems.

The UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development advises UN member States on how technology can boost development.

The World Investment Forum meets every two years to identify solutions to investment-related challenges in the global and national economies.

The Global Commodities Forum meets every two years to update on, and identify solutions to, a range of commodity-related issues.


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