unctad.org | 10th African Oil and Gas, Trade and Finance Conference and Exhibition
10th African Oil and Gas, Trade and Finance Conference and Exhibition
02 - 05 avril 2006
Hotel El Aurassi


Access to commercial energy has been a major impediment in the socio-economic development of Africa. A few countries have been able to exploit resources but the lack of good management, harmonized regional policies resulting in fragmented markets, and a vibrant private sector linked to the sector has suppressed rewards. Furthermore development needs financing capacity that is lacking in local banks.

UNCTAD´s oil and gas conference focuses on the interface of finance with hydrocarbons and also provides a forum for debating topical issues in the industry. Some of the issues to be debated at the 10th will include volatile oil prices and its effects, partnerships for energy development, environmental and social effects of development, legal and regulatory reforms needed to attract the necessary investment as well as the new oil and gas frontiers. Algeria, as a leading exporter of natural gas and the host of the 10th edition will present its potential and vision for its hydrocarbon future. Additional sessions on natural gas will discuss its potential and projects for the local market.

The conference objectives are to facilitate the flow of information, know how, share experiences, provide networking opportunities and also build effective partnerships with the private sector that contribute to the sustainable development of the continent´s energy resources.



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