11th African Oil and Gas, Trade and Finance Conference and Exhibition
23 - 25 mai 2007
Kenyatta International Conference Centre


The 11th annual meeting of the African Oil and Gas, Trade and Finance Conference & Exhibition which will focus on the ‘Interface between Hydrocarbons and Finance’, and will provide a platform for Kenya to demonstrate the opportunities it can offer to exploration companies.

This highly successful event provides clients with the opportunity to network amongst the key decision makers within the continent. Social functions and an exhibition will run alongside the event to facilitate contacts and create an environment conducive to initiating and conducting business.

Previous locations for this event have been Algeria (2006), Mozambique (2005), Morocco (2004), Angola (2003) Cameroon (2002), Ghana (2000), Namibia (1999), Ivory Coast (1998) and Zimbabwe (1997 and 1996). All have been highly successful and respected business opportunities, attracting the attendance of Government ministers, leading blue-chip companies and local businesses in the field.


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