unctad.org | Workshop to strengthen Angola´s capacity to protect consumers
Workshop to strengthen Angola´s capacity to protect consumers
01 - 03 novembre 2011
Assembleia Nacional da República de Angola


Within the framework of its technical assistance programme in Angola, UNCTAD/TrainForTrade* (TFT) is strengthening the Republic of Angola´s capacity to protect consumers.

Having drafted regulations for Angola´s Consumer Defence Law (in collaboration with UNCTAD´s branch on Competition and Consumer Policies**), TFT is now organising a workshop to train Angola´s National Institute of Consumer Defence (INADEC).

The workshop will explain the regulation´s content and importance and aims to prepare INADEC´s staff members for the challenges they will face as they put them into practice.

Dr. Mónica d´Andrade, author of the regulations and Deputy Director-General of Portugal´s Directorate General for Consumer Affairs, will lead the workshop; she will be assisted by Dr. Jorge Reis, Deputy Inspector General of Portugal´s Authority for Food and Economic Security (ASAE).

*The TrainForTrade Programme is part of the UNCTAD´s Division on Technology and Logistics.

**The Competition and Consumer Policies branch is part of UNCTAD´s Division on International Trade and Commodities.



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