Training course for the Iraqi negotiating team on preparation of initial offers in goods and services
29 septembre - 02 octobre 2013
Erbil, Iraq, Iraq


Building the capacity of Iraqi negotiators and trade officials in the area of trade policy formulation including WTO accession


This activity is implemented in full partnership with UNIDO and within the scope of a SIDA (Sweden) funded project on "Strengthening the Iraqi National Quality Infrastructure to Facilitate Trade and Enhance Consumer Protection" under which UNCTAD was awarded, as a sub-contractor, the implementation of the trade policy and WTO accession component.

The training will cover presentations on key GATT/WTO agreements and provisions related to the accession process and negotiations. It will involve also simulation exercise, under the coaching and supervision of UNCTAD experts on the preparation and negotiation of initial offers for market access in goods and services. Selected services sectors will be used, following the GATS positive listing approach, in the conduct of the simulation exercise including financial, construction and health services.

Core negotiating team from the national committee on WTO accession (24 participants)
In line with the project's overall outputs and objectives the training course will contribute to:
  • Build the capacity of Iraqi negotiators and trade officials in trade policymaking and the identification of the impact of trade policy on trade, and WTO accession negotiations.
  • Guide Iraqi WTO negotiating team on how to conduct multilateral and bilateral accession negotiations.
The training is expected to provide:
  • Evaluation of the work done on the draft Iraqi initial offer in goods.
  • Initiation of the first outline leading to the preparation of the initial offer in services.


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