Towards a New Generation of Investment Policies for Sustainable Development - UNCTAD's 8th Regional Workshop for Latin America
18 - 22 novembre 2013
Bogota, Colombie


The course commences with an overview of UNCTAD's Investment Poilicy Framework for Sustainable Development as a tool offering concrete options to leverage national and international investment policy for sustainable development and inclusive growth. While the training will focus on IIAs, Module I introduces the national dimension of investment related policies, how they are linked to the international dimension and the imperative of policy coherence at all levels while aligned with sustainable development goals. Module II then features and discusses key concepts related FDI embedded in IIAs and therefore, their implications for sustainable and inclusive growth, and Module III, deals with Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) and its direct impact on sustainability and development.

The course will practically guide participants on how to strengthen the development dimension of national policies and IIAs. In the IIA context, course participants will be sensitized to the need for a more appropriate balance between investor rights and obligations, and the inclusion of corporate social responsibility principles in future treaties. Participants will engage with strategies to safeguard policy space and facilitate greater coherence between investment and other public policies such as those addressing labor, health and environmental issues. Presentations will be complemented by case studies, group discussion and exercises, with the aim to make this an interactive, practical and stimulating experience for participants. 

Co-organisé avec:Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism of Colombia and the support of the Organisation of the American States (OAS)
Contact:Ms Natalia Guerra Senior Capacity–building Coordinator, International Investment Agreements Section, UNCTAD Geneva, Switzerland Email: Tel: +41 (22) 9175651
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