CSTD Panel Meeting on Science and Technology Promotion, Advice and Application for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
27 - 29 octobre 2004


The Commission on Science and Technology for Development held a panel meeting to study the following three sub-themes:

  • the mutual interaction and dependency of science and technology education with R&D;
  • infrastructure building as a foundation for scientific and technological development; and
  • promoting gainful employment in general and enterprise development in particular through the use of existing and emerging technologies, especially information and communication technologies (ICTs) and biotechnologies.

Panelists included members of the CSTD, and other United Nations agencies. Resource persons included Prof. Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, Federal Minister for Science and Technology of Pakistan, Mr Derek Hanekom, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of South Africa, and Dr. Bruno Lanvin, Senior Advisor, E-Strategies, the World Bank.

The findings and recommendations that emerged from this panel will be considered by the Commission at its eighth session in May 2005.



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