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Meeting of the East African Community Task Force on Cyberlaws
24 - 26 octobre 2011
Zanzibar Beach Resort


The East African Community (EAC) Task Force on Cyberlaws is to adopt the Framework II which provides guidelines for the enactment and enforcement of harmonized cyberlaws in the area of intellectual property rights, competition, e-taxation, and information security.

After the meeting, the recommendations of the Task Force will be forwarded to the EAC secretariat for endorsement.

This is the sixth meeting of the Task Force organized by the EAC Secretariat and UNCTAD since 2008.

The meeting will also review progress in the implementation of the Framework for Phase I endorsed by the EAC Council of Ministers in November 2010. The first Framework covers electronic transactions, electronic signatures and authentication, data protection and privacy, consumer protection, and computer crime.

Thirty five members of the Task Force originating from national and regional institutions will take part in the meeting. These include representatives from the Ministry of East African Cooperation, the Ministry of Justice, Law Reform Commissions, ICT Ministries, Regulatory institutions dealing with telecommunications, revenue and competition, as well as from the East African Business Council and the East African Legislative Assembly.

Representatives from the African Union Commission (AUC) and the UNECA will also participate in the meeting.


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