Statistics is an inherent part of UNCTAD. Being the United Nations’ focal point for the integrated treatment of trade and development and the interrelated issues in the areas of finance, technology, investment and sustainable development, UNCTAD compiles, validates and processes a wide range of data collected from national and international sources. Most of the time series cover long periods, with some dating back to 1948, for almost all economies of the world. This allows making an analysis of emerging and most urgent issues within a framework of long-lasting tendencies and wide geographical scope. In case of missing data or break in series, UNCTAD applies its expertise and methodology to make estimates. Such continuity together with accurateness and timeliness are the pillars of statistics that UNCTAD always pursue.

UNCTAD’s statistical work is in conformity with the Principles Governing International Statistical Activities, to which formulation and reinforcement UNCTAD has significantly contributed.



In focus

Unctad Statistics - In Focus

Global trade slows down to a five-year low in 2015

​Global trade slows down to a five-year low in 2015, but negative growth rates are also a result of currencies' depreciation against the US dollar.

Today's trade news is shaped by a marked slowdown in 2015 world exports. According to UNCTAD/WTO estimates, measured in current US dollars, global merchandise exports plummeted by 13% in 2015. More

Data Center

The Data center gives access to more than 150 time series covering a wide range of topics and built upon common rules and harmonized production processes. Most of the time series cover long periods for almost all economies of the world as well as more than 150 ready-to-use analytical country groupings.

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Country Profiles

Our country profiles are selections of key economic statistics by country. They include a wide range of internationally comparable indicators allowing users to assess and compare countries. Most of the selected indicators are available in our Data Center.​​​​​


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