15 Sep 05 - UNCTAD Secretary-General in New-York for the World Summit

Mr. Supachai, new Head of UNCTAD, seats next to Mr. Kemal Dervis, new Head of UNDP15 September - Creating local jobs in the tourism industry is one way to keep the benefits of tourism within the host economy, UNCTAD Secretary-General Supachai Panitchpakdi told a World Tourism Organization gathering in New York Tuesday on harnessing tourism for the millennium development goals. Encouraging such linkages was the only way to prevent tourism receipts from "leaking out" through repatriation of profits and through imports of the goods and services needed to keep tourism flourishing, in the absence of local supplies, he said.

UNCTAD works closely with the UN´s Madrid-based tourism arm on the sustainability of the industry and advises developing countries on online tourism marketing tools. It also follows the negotiations on trade in services, in which tourism is a crucial element.

Dr. Supachai has been in NY this week to participate in several of the events surrounding the 2005 World Summit. Also on Tuesday, he addressed the UN-ASEAN Summit, highlighting UNCTAD´s work with the Asian grouping on investment and economic integration.

On Wednesday, Dr. Supachai attended the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly, at which Heads of State and Government spoke on global policy issues and new sources for financing development.



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