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Latest UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor released
12 November 2013

From January through October 2013, the overall share of more restrictive or regulatory investment policies continued to increase to reach 32 percent. At the international level, the trend to negotiate regional investment agreements continues.​

While in recent months (review period June - October 2013) countries in their majority sought to attract more FDI through improving investment conditions, a look at investment policy developments throughout the year points to an overall increase in regulatory or restrictive policies.

An interesting recent phenomenon relating to investment promotion has to do with government efforts to retain investment in the host country. In light of economic crisis and persistently high domestic unemployment, a number of countries no longer only seek to promote inward FDI, but are also keen that existing investments do not move away or that domestic investors repatriate their investment abroad.

At the international level, seventeen economies concluded eight new international investment agreements. Ongoing negotiations involve two regional blocks (EU and ASEAN) and together with their partners, a total of almost 50 economies.



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