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UNCTAD and G20 sustain their partnership under Russian Presidency
02 avril 2013
​Deputy Secretary-General of UNCTAD Petko Draganov has met Russian G20 Sherpa Ksenia Yudaeva and her team to outline prospective areas of collaboration. The Russian side strongly supported continuation of the successful partnership between UNCTAD and the Group of 20.

Petko Draganov and heads of UNCTAD’s divisions confirmed their full readiness to support the Russian Federation’s G20 Presidency within the organization’s mandate.

Ms. Yudaeva underlined the Russian Federation’s aim of delivering concrete results within the G20’s work carried out in collaboration with international organizations.

The Russian Federation believes that discussion on all the interconnected issues of the G20 agenda revolves around three overarching priorities that aim at starting a new cycle of economic growth: growth through quality jobs and investment; growth through trust and transparency; and growth through effective regulation.

The Russian side very much appreciated UNCTAD’s previous contributions to the work of the G20 and expressed confidence that this collaboration will be successfully continued.

In particular, the Russian Federation is interested in receiving joint UNCTAD/OECD reports on investment measures, as well as reports on the impact of investment on employment, job creation and agriculture, produced jointly with the United Nations Development Programme, the International Labour Organization, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the World Bank.

The Russian Federation is also interested in attracting UNCTAD’s expertise in sovereign debt management and other interrelated areas of debt and finance, as well as in global value chains, entrepreneurship development, green growth and transparency in trade. The parties agreed on UNCTAD’s participation in ministerial and other G20 events under the Russian Federation’s chairmanship.

The core objective of the Russian G20 Presidency is to concentrate the G20’s efforts on developing a set of measures aimed at boosting sustainable, inclusive and balanced growth and job creation around the world. Addressing major challenges to the global economy is a traditional focus of the G20 agenda. The Russian Federation is aiming to ensure continuity of the dialogue on all its agenda items and also to give extra impetus to the G20’s discussions, facilitating further implementation of G20 commitments and building on the results achieved.



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