UNCTAD and WTO to host UN Expert Group meeting on the Compilers Guide for statistics of international trade in services, 25-28 June 2013 in Geneva
17 juin 2013
MSITS 2010
The objective of the meeting is to complete the Compilers Guide of the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services 2010 (MSITS 2010). The meeting will be attended by about 40 experts of international agencies, national statistical offices and central banks of developed and developing countries.

At the time of the adoption of the revised international recommendations for statistics of international trade in services in 2010, the United Nations Statistical Commission requested that compilation guidance be made available, especially for the developing countries.

For this purpose the UN Statistics Division established the UN Expert Groupin December 2011, to support the drafting of a Compilers Guide of MSITS 2010.

This group is composed of experts from 10 developed and 10 developing countries, plus experts from the international agencies.

For the drafting of the text of the guide during 2012 and 2013, contributions were made by both members of the UN Expert Group and national experts of countries that are not part of the expert group.

The current draft Compilers Guide consists of a total of 22 chapters with more than 300 pages of text.

Objectives of the first meeting of the UN Expert Group, Geneva, 25-28 June:

  1. Review and complete the draft Compilers Guide of MSITS 2010.

  2. Ensure a developing country perspective in the Compilers Guide.

  3. Devote special attention to the Modes of Supply framework.

  4. Provide guidance on promoting the use of the Compilers Guide for the implementation of the recommendations contained in MSITS 2010 in the national statistical systems.

The Compilers Guide of MSITS 2010 will be presented to the United Statistical Commission at its forty fifth sessions in 2014.


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