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Tanzania: New joint project of the Cluster financed by Switzerland
16 juillet 2013
Flag of Tanzania
A 3-year project of the United Nations Inter-Agency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity on linkages between horticulture small producers and the tourism sector is being prepared in Tanzania, with resources provided by Switzerland (SECO). The operations will start at the beginning of 2014.

UNIDO, ILO, ITC and UNCTAD are the implementing agencies, while the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is the administrative agent.

The first phase of a similar project that started in 2009 in Lao PDR will be concluded by December this year. As in the case of Lao PDR, a Cluster Coordinator based at the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Dar-es-Salaam ensures the participation of Governmental and business stakeholders at all stages of this operation.

For this purpose, Ms. Manuela Tortora, Chief of Technical Cooperation of UNCTAD, headed a mission of the Cluster to Dar-es-Salaam to hold consultations with Ministries, business associations and donors.

Coordination with the One UN and the Enhanced Integrated Framework processes is being established.


The Cluster is led by UNCTAD and includes UNIDO, UNDP, ITC, FAO, WTO, UNEP, ILO, UNCITRAL, UNOPS and the five UN Regional Commissions.


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