unctad.org | Albania's competition law in the spotlight as UNCTAD visits Tirana
Albania's competition law in the spotlight as UNCTAD visits Tirana
20 février 2014
As part of a peer review of competition law and policy, key Albanian authorities met with UNCTAD in Tirana on 30 January.

UNCTAD held several meetings with the head of the Albanian Competition Authority, Ms. Lindita Milo, members of the commission and staff of the authority to discuss the voluntary peer review process.

During the peer review in Albania, independent experts contracted by UNCTAD will prepare a report on the situation of competition law and policy and its implementation to identify recommendations for improvement.

The experts will also prepare a needs assessment report to assist the Albanian authorities in taking up these recommendations.

UNCTAD´s experience working with competition authorities in developing countries and its unique development perspective mean that its voluntary peer reviews are focused on the development dimension of competition policies. Albania's economy remains in transition and it is among the poorest nations in Europe.

During his visit Mr. Qaqaya, UNCTAD's head of the competition and consumer protection, met with several other officials, including Mr. Ilir Meta, the speaker of the Albanian parliament; Ms. Zineb Touimi-Benjelloun, UN resident coordinator in Albania; Ms. Eralda Cani, adviser to the prime minister; Ms. Floreta Luli-Faber, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce; Ms. Blerina Raca of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit; and representatives of the media.


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