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UNCTAD signs MoU to launch Masters degree course
02 mars 2014
UNCTAD, Zurich University of Applied Sciences and Perdana University signed a collaboration agreement on 3 March 2014, to launch a Master degree in international trade negotiations and diplomacy; competition policy, law, and economics; and consumer protection policy, law and economics.


The objectives of this MoU are:

  • To provide enhanced expertise and knowledge to diplomats and other governmental officials of developing countries, particularly those in Asia, through training and research program in the thematic areas;

  • To promote and strengthen North-South economic and technical cooperation and integration through sharing and exchanging experiences and knowledge; and

  • To launch joint training, research and capacity building activities of the parties in the thematic areas mentioned.

Malaysia is a main funding partner, as well as a beneficiary, of the entire MA training course for Malaysians and Least Developed Asian countries (Laos, Cambodia and Bangladesh).



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