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Finland signs off on its 2014-2015 contribution to UNCTAD
13 février 2014
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has made a contribution to UNCTAD to the value of €1,910,000 (US$ 2.6m) for technical cooperation programmes this year and next.

Finland is one of the major contributors to UNCTAD technical cooperation. Annual contributions for the past 5 years have been steady and predictable. For the first time the Agreement covers two years 2014-2015 and will be made in two equal instalments.

Finland's contribution will be used for activities to be implemented in 2014-2015 in the following four main areas of UNCTAD work:

  1. ICT policies for development:

    • ICT and Law Reform
    • Information Economy Report
  2. Capacity building in investment for development:

    Primarily used in support of the World Investment Report Series and the EMPRETEC and Business Linkages Programmes

  3. Virtual institute and gender:

    • UNCTAD Virtual Institute on Trade and Development
    • Trust Fund on Gender and Trade
  4. Support on WTO Accession:

    WTO accession general Trust Fund

All the project activities to be implemented under this contribution will take into consideration Finland's Aid for Trade Action Plan and its priorities.


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