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United Nations TD/B/C.I/MEM.1/3 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Distr … In the light of compelling scientific evidence and potential economic, social and environmental losses that might be caused by climate change, the potential costs of inaction in relation to climate change were difficult to contemplate … International maritime transport, a backbone of the world’s globalized economy, was playing a part in contributing to climate change but, importantly, was also itself likely to …
Date: 22 Mar 2009 Size: 270KB

UNCTAD/DTL/TLB/2009/1 1 December 2009 UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Transport and Trade Facilitation: Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge 16–18 February 2009, Geneva Summary of Proceedings UNITED NATIONSii Acknowledgments The present publication was prepared on the basis of the report of the first session of the Multi-year Expert Meeting on Transport and Trade Facilitation, and on the related background documentation prepared to …
Date: 12 Jun 2009 Size: 418KB