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ADDIS ABABA -DJIBOUTI CORRIDOR The port of Djibouti has 13 deep-water wharves: -A container terminal with two 400 m deep-water wharves that can accept, respectively, vessels of 12 m and 9 m draught … oil terminal allowing the berthing of vessels having a draught from 11 m to 12 m. The three companies which operate at Djibouti -Shell, Mobil and Total -can store between them up to 200 000 m3 of oil destined for the national market and for Ethiopia … The stretch in Djibouti is asphalted …
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TD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Distr … Inadequate infrastructure (transport, telecommunications, electric power etc.) adds heavy costs to the production and export of goods, hampering their competitiveness in regional and international markets … Lack of adequate government financial resources (due to financial crises, budget deficits, international adjustment and austerity programmes) to maintain appropriate levels of investment both in the maintenance and in the modernization …
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