UNCTAD-EIF Technical Assistance

The Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) is an important instrument to mainstream trade into the development plans of LDCs and a tangible manifestation of delivery of Aid for Trade. As such, EIF is a platform for LDCs to start engaging in export diversification and building productive capacities to create employment and reduce poverty.

UNCTAD has updated the Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies (DTIS) of the Gambia (January 2013) and Senegal (July 2013).

A DTIS evaluates internal and external constraints on a country’s integration into the world economy, and recommends areas where technical assistance and policy actions can help the country overcome these barriers.

At present UNCTAD is in the process of completing the DTIS of Mozambique and is finalizing the termes of reference (ToRs) for the updating of the DTIS of Djibouti, Mali and Niger. Furthermore, in response to a specific request at the country level, it has assisted Comoros in the identification of their trade and development strategy.

Moreover, UNCTAD is drafting Tier 2 projects for the following countries:

  • The Gambia: SMEs and development of women's fishery products.

  • Central Africa Republic: Trade policy and regulatory environment.

  • Senegal: Development of fruit juices and fishery project in the Casamance region and on community tourism.

  • Benin: Trade policy and regulatory assistance with UNIDO and ITC.

  • Chad: Trade policy and investment.


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