Trade and Poverty Reduction

The Trade and Poverty Unit conducts research and policy analyses on interlinkages between trade and poverty in poor developing countries such as those in Africa and the least developed countries (LDCs).

The overall goal of our research activities is to identify policy options at the national and international levels on the use of trade as a tool for poverty eradication in Africa and the LDCs.

Over the past few years, the unit has through its research activities addressed issues critical to strengthening linkages between trade and poverty in Africa and LDCs.

These include:

  • The composition of trade and the nature of specialization
  • The role of inclusive structural transformation
  • The effective integration of trade in national development strategies
  • Promotion of regional Integration and infrastructure development
  • Fostering innovation
  • Enhancing effectiveness of development partnerships
  • The interdependence between trade and other international economic relations
Trade and Poverty Reduction  

The unit has also made useful contributions to intellectual debates on trade and poverty issues through UN publications and publications in academic journals and books.



24 January 2020Fair trade enterprises spread benefits through value chains
29 June 2017Building Productive Capacities in Structurally Weak Developing Countries
03 May 2017Contribution of Tourism to Economic Diversification and Poverty Reduction
Flag of Dom Rep
10 September 2015Dominican Republic prepares Trade Policy Framework with UNCTAD assistance
10 April 2015Putting trade at the heart of poverty-reduction policies in Africa
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 Documents and Publications

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 Selected External Publications

Africa's Progress in Regional and Global Economic Integration, by A. Gutowski, T. Knedlik, P. Osakwe, I. Ramdoo, and K. Wohlmuth (eds.) in African Development Perspectives Yearbook 2015/16, Vol. 18. LIT Verlag Publishing: Zurich (2016).
Mainstreaming Trade in Africa: Lessons from Asia and the Way Forward, by T. Lötter, R. Schatz and T. Thomas (eds.) in Africa Growth Report 2016 InnoVatio Publishing: New York and Pretoria
Estimating the Impact of Trade Specialisation and Trade Policy on Poverty in Developing Countries, in The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development. Published online 5 March 2017


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