NGO Plenary Caucus at UNCTAD X

The  NGO Plenary Caucus at UNCTAD X  was organized from 7 to 8 February 2000 at the UNCC-ESCAP Building of the United Nations Office in Bangkok as an official UNCTAD X pre-Conference event designed to assemble civil society delegates representing national, regional and international groups.

It provided participants with the opportunity to offer their collective views on the issues related to the UNCTAD X agenda.

The NGO Caucus convened a Plenary and working group sessions. One of the objectives was to produce a final statement which was presented to the Conference.

The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate member States' understanding of NGO perspectives. It made a valuable contribution which informed and enriched deliberations on the UNCTAD X agenda.

The themes of the Plenary Caucus were related to the overall substantive theme of the UNCTAD X agenda and the substantive discussions of the December Consultations with NGOs on issues such as promoting equitable globalization, trade and sustainable human development, global financial architecture, debt, trade and environment, commodities, people-centred development alternatives and issues related to economic governance in a globalizing world.

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