Intergovernmental meetings and other events

Civil society organizations that have observer status with UNCTAD are invited to participate at UNCTAD intergovernmental meetings where they can make oral statements on matters within the scope of their activities, as well as circulate written material on matters related to the agenda of the meeting.

Organizations with observer status are encouraged to participate in UNCTAD Ministerial Conferences, meetings of the Trade and Development Board, its Commissions and expert meetings.

Arrangements are made to facilitate the participation of civil society organizations that do not have observer status with UNCTAD at Ministerial Conferences, the UNCTAD Public Symposium and other ad hoc or regular events organized by the UNCTAD secretariat.

Accredited organizations are entitled to observe the proceedings of public meetings, have access to non-restricted general documents and use of the facilities provided for civil society organizations. Accreditation only applies to a particular event or session and does not constitute a long term relationship with UNCTAD.


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