Preparatory Hearing

Hearings convened as part of the preparatory process for the eleventh session of the Conference (UNCTAD XI)

For the first time in UNCTAD´s history, civil society hearings were held as part of the preparatory process for the organization´s quadrennial conference (UNCTAD XI). The hearings, held on 16 January 2004 and 23 February 2004, provided civil society and private-sector representatives, as well as parliamentarians and academicians, with an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the preparatory process for UNCTAD XI, held in São Paulo, Brazil, from 13 to 18 June 2004.

Speakers addressed the four subthemes of the conference:

  1. development strategies in a globalizing world economy;
  2. building productive capacity and international competitiveness;
  3. assuring development gains from the international trading system and trade negotiations; and
  4. partnership for development.

Each hearing was summarized in a report submitted to the Preparatory Committee (PrepCom).

At the request of civil society organizations, the Preparatory Committee agreed to convene a third hearing on 22 April 2004 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva. It also agreed that civil society should feel free to provide written comments on the Chairman´s pre-conference negotiating text.

Civil society organizations met and made suggestions with regard to the format and programme of the April hearing. Round tables focused on specific issues under the first three subthemes of the conference. The hearing provided an opportunity for dialogue and exchange of views among officials from UNCTAD´s member States, representatives of civil society, parliamentarians and the private sector.

The outcome of the hearing was submitted to the Preparatory Committee.


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