UNCTAD Conferences and civil society

UNCTAD´s highest decision-making body, the Conference, meets every four years at ministerial level to address emerging issues in trade and development and to review the organization's mandate.

Recent UNCTAD Conferences have greatly benefited from active civil society participation and have particularly acknowledged the positive contribution that non-governmental actors bring to the work of UNCTAD and its member States.

The São Paulo Consensus, adopted at UNCTAD XI (June 2004), called for making the participation of civil society more systematic and better integrated with the activities of the organization, and institutionalized formal and informal mechanisms of cooperation with civil society and the private sector.

The Accra Accord, adopted at UNCTAD XII (April 2008), reiterated these calls by stating that UNCTAD should enhance its work with civil society and the private sector and encouraged their greater participation in the activities of UNCTAD.


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