UNCTAD-NGO Consultations

The 1999 Consultations, organized in cooperation with the UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service, took place in Geneva from 12 - 14 December 1999 with the participation of some 45 NGOs from 22 countries.

The meeting formed part of the civil society preparatory process for UNCTAD X. The Consultations facilitated an exchange of views between NGOs and UNCTAD secretariat staff on a range of issues in international economic governance and development, and the preparation of the NGO input for UNCTAD X.

The main themes covered were:

  • Preparations for UNCTAD X: Intergovernmental proceedings and civil society activities
  • Outcomes and implications of the WTO Third Ministerial Meeting
  • Promoting equitable globalization in the realms of trade and sustainable human development
  • Bridging the knowledge gap through training and information technology
  • Preparations for the Third UN Conference on LDCs in 2001
  • Financing growth and development, including global financial architecture, debt forgiveness and foreign direct investment
  • Trade and environment, and commodities

The common perspective of the NGOs attending this event, as captured in their joint statement, was presented to the Trade and Development Board at its twenty-third executive session on 17 December 1999.

The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS) assisted the UNCTAD secretariat in organizing the consultations and is supporting NGO participation in the Plenary Caucus and the Conference.


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