Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

Shared prosperity for all will require reduced inequalities and improved international economic governance.

Goal 10Since its establishment in 1964, UNCTAD has been dedicated to empowering and promoting economic inclusion of all (Target 10.2).

For fifty years UNCTAD has been contributing to improving regulation and monitoring of global financial markets and institutions (Target 10.5), notably through calls for a fairer international economic system.

A founding principle of UNCTAD's approach to development has been a focus on enhancing representation and voice for developing countries in global economic decision-making. (Target 10.6).

We contribute to these objectives through all of our activities, notably including helping implement Special and Differential Treatment for developing countries in the global trading system (Target 10.a), but also through strengthening the enabling environment by encouraging FDI to states where need is greatest (Target 10.b).

Notable partners in support of Goal 10 include the IMF, the World Bank Group, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the UN regional commissions, and others.


Selected UNCTAD tools that support Goal 10:


Key UNCTAD research and analysis in support of Goal 10:


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