Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Building productive capacity creates decent jobs and fosters sustainable growth.

Gola 8Building productive capacity in developing countries helps sustain per capita economic growth, particularly in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) (Target 8.1).

UNCTAD helps countries to mobilize resources for productive capacity building, to harness the trade-investment nexus and to leverage technology with the aim of raising productivity through diversification, technological upgrading and innovations (Target 8.2).

UNCTAD supports private sector enterprise development as an important ingredient in this process, promoting productive activities, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation (Target 8.3).

UNCTAD also helps countries tap into the increasingly important services sectors for decent job creation and sustainable growth, e.g. promoting sustainable tourism and local culture and producers (Target 8.9), and expanding access to financial services for all (Target 8.10).

As one of the key implementing agencies of trade and investment related development assistance, UNCTAD will also a play an important instrumental role in ensuring that increased Aid for Trade (Target 8.a) makes a lasting contribution towards decent work and economic growth.


In support of Goal 8, UNCTAD leads the UN Cluster on Productive Capacity, and also works closely with ILO, WTO, ITC, the UN regional commissions, the World Bank Group, and the OECD.


Selected UNCTAD tools that support Goal 8:


Key UNCTAD research and analysis in support of Goal 8:


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