Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Transforming economies, tackling vulnerability and building resilience call for an integrated approach to industry, innovation and infrastructure.

Goal 9UNCTAD contributes to the sustained transformation of the economic structure in developing economies with a focus on regional and transborder infrastructure (Target 9.1), inclusive and sustainable industrialization (Target 9.2), integration into value chains and markets (Target 9.3) and adoption of clean technologies (Target 9.4).

UNCTAD technical cooperation with SIDS, LLDCs and LDCs focuses on upgrading technological capabilities of industrial sectors (Target 9.5), and mobilizing infrastructure investment through finance, technological and technical support (Target 9.a).

To ensure that structural transformation is lasting and sustainable, UNCTAD also supports technological development, research and innovation for industrial diversification and value addition (Target 9.b), as well as improved access to information and communication technologies (Target 9.c).

Key partners on Goal 9 include UNIDO, UN-OHRLLS, ITU, UNEP and others.


Selected UNCTAD tools that support Goal 9:


Key UNCTAD research and analysis in support of Goal 9:


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