Goals 12, 14 and 15: About The Planet
Goal 12Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


UNCTAD's corporate sustainability initiatives, such as the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative and the ISAR, encourage MNEs to adopt sustainable practices and integrate sustainability into reporting cycles. (Target 12.6)

Our support to the Commission for Science Technology for Development help strengthen STI for sustainability (Target 12.a), and our work on creative economy indicators help develop tools for monitoring sustainable tourism impacts (Target 12.b).

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Goal 14Goal 14: Life Below Water


Together with UNEP, we support a call to action to prohibit certain fisheries subsidies (Target 14.6).

In addition our "blue economy" work together with notable partners like the Indian Ocean Commission and others aims to increase economic benefits to SIDS of sustainable use of marine resources (Target 14.7).

Part of these increased economic benefits can come from improved access for small fishers to markets (Target 14.b).

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Goal 15Goal 15: Life on Land


UNCTAD helps countries helping countries better plan their economic development to make sustainable use of their biosystems (Target 15.9) and to channel investment into new eco-friendly sectors (Target 15.a).


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