UNCTAD@50 - The 50th Anniversary of the establishment of UNCTAD

UNCTAD at 50In 1964, at UNCTAD I, member States gathered in Geneva for "a better and more effective system of international economic co-operation, whereby the division of the world into areas of poverty and plenty may be banished and prosperity achieved by all."

It is auspicious the UNCTAD's 50th Anniversary takes place at a time when the global community rallies towards achieving the MDGs and seeks to respond to people's aspirations around the world by setting the development agenda beyond 2015.

We invite you to celebrate UNCTAD@50 and embark on a journey towards achieving the vision of the founders of this organization, "to find ways by which the human and material resources of the world may be harnessed for the abolition of poverty everywhere", and to bring opportunity and prosperity to all.



09 July 2014Mauritius congratulates UNCTAD's fifty years of dedicated service to reinforcing international relations through advancing knowledge and action
09 July 2014International Telecommunications Union praises UNCTAD's positive policies for lifting countries out of poverty through participating equitably in global trade
09 July 2014International Maritime Organization praises UNCTAD's contribution to building a fairer global economy
20 June 2014Third Geneva Dialogue discusses role of trade as a means of implementing post-2015 sustainable development agenda
19 June 2014Social protection and fiscal reform needed to tackle inequality, UNCTAD Public Symposium hears
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 Documents and Publications

UNCTAD at 50: A Short History (UNCTAD/OSG/2014/1)
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 Statements by UNCTAD Secretary-General

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon helps cut the cake at reception to honor the 50th Anniversary of UNCTAD
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Congratulatory messages on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of UNCTAD

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