Commentary and Analysis


 Moving towards zero carbon emissions in maritime shipping
Written by
Isabelle Durant, UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General
 To salvage multilateralism we need a Global Green New Deal
Written by:
Richard Kozul-Wright, Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies (UNCTAD)
 Unlocking the hidden value of cotton by-products in African least developed countries
Written by
Fabrizio Meliado, Parkhi Vats, Kris Terauds, Matthias Knappe
 Why are we behind on SDG finance and what can we do about it?
Written by
Christopher Garroway and Chantal Line Carpentier of UNCTAD
 The Trade cost of a No-Deal Brexit to the United Kingdom
Written by:
Pamela Coke Hamilton, Director, Division on International Trade and Commodities and Alessandro Nicita, Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD
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