Advisory Studies

La Promoción de Inversión Extranjera en las Regiones del Perú, UN Symbol: UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/2006/3, 1/03/06

Good governance in investment promotion and facilitation programme booklet, 2004

A Survey of Support by Investment Promotion Agencies to Linkages, Advisory Studies No. 18, UN Symbol:UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/2005/12, 12/05/06, 48 pages

The world of investment promotion at a glance: A survey of investment promotion, ASIT Advisory Studies, No. 17, UN Symbol: UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/3 - , 14/01/02, 80 pages

Tax incentives and foreign direct investment: A global survey, ASIT Advisory Studies, No. 16, UN Symbol: UNCTAD/ITE/IPC/Misc.3 - E.01.II.D.5, 01/02/01, 180 pages

Investment regimes in the Arab world: Issues and Policies,ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 15, Sales no.: E.00.II.D.32, 2000, 232 pages

Handbook on outward investment promotion agencies and institutionsASIT Advisory Studies , No. 14, Sales no.: E.99.II.D.22, 1999, 50 pages

Survey on best practices in investment promotion, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 13, Sales no.: E.97.II.D.15, 1997, 71 pages

Comparative analysis of petroleum Exploration contracts,ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 12, Sales no.: E.96.II.A.7, 80 pages

Administration of fiscal regimes for petroleum exploration and development, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 11, Sales no.: E.95.II.A.8, 45 pages

Formulation and implementation of foreign investment policies: Selected key issues, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 10, Sales no.: E.92.II.A.21, 1992, 84 pages

Environment accounting: Current issues, abstracts and bibliography, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 9, Sales no.: E.92.II.A.23, 1992, 86 pages

Promoting Foreign Direct Investment in Uzbekistan, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 8, Sales no.: E.95.II.A.7, 88 pages

Joint venture accounting in the USSR: Direction for change,ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 7, Sales no.: E.90.II.A.26, 1990, 46 pages

Curricula for accounting education for East-West joint ventures in centrally planned economies, ASIT Advisory Studies, No. 6, Sales no.: E.90.II.A.2, 1990, 86 pages

Negotiating international hotel chain management agreements, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 5, Sales no.: E.90.II.A.8, 1990, 60 pages

International debt rescheduling: Substantive issues and techniques, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 4, Sales no.: E.89.II.A.10, 1989, 91 pages

Financial and fiscal aspects of petroleum exploitation, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 3, Sales no.: E.87.II.A.10, 1987, 43 pages

Arrangements between joint venture partners in developing countries, ASIT Advisory Studies , No. 2, Sales no.: E.87.II.A.5, 1987, 43 pages

Natural gas clauses in petroleum arrangements, ASIT Advisory Studies, No. 1, Sales no.: E.87.II.A. 3, 1987, 54 pages


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