Issue Papers

Exceptions to Patent Rights in Developing Countries, Issue Paper No. 17, by Christopher Garrison, 2006, 92 pages

The International Copyright System: Limitations, Exceptions and Public Interest Considerations for Developing Countries in the Digital Environment, Issue Paper No. 15, by Ruth Okediji, 2006, 52 pages

Utility Models and Innovation in Developing Countries, Issue Paper No. 13, by Uma Suthersanen, 2006, 52 pages

Intellectual Property Provisions of Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements in Light of U.S. Federal Law, Issue Paper No. 12, by Frederick M. Abbott, 2006, 28 pages

Intellectual Property and Computer Software: A Battle of Competing Use and Access Visions for Countries of the South, Issue Paper No. 10, by Alan Story, 2004, 46 pages

Development in the Information Age: Issues in the Regulation of Intellectual Property Rights, Computer Software and Electronic Commerce, Issue Paper No. 9, by Ruth L. Okediji, 2004, 58 pages

The Socio-Economics of Geographical Indications, A Review of Empirical Evidence from Europe, Issue Paper No. 8, by Dwijen Rangnekar, 2004, 46 pages

Encouraging International Technology Transfer, Issue Paper No. 7, by Keith E. Maskus, 2004, 49 pages,

Nutrition and Technology Transfer Policies, Issue Paper No. 6, by John H. Barton, 2004, 29 pages

Non-Voluntary Licensing of Patented Inventions: Historical Perspective, Legal Framework under TRIPS, and an Overview of the Practice in Canada and the United States of America, Issue paper No.5, by Jerome H. Reichman and Catherine Hasenzahl, 2003, 41 pages

Geographical Indications: A Review of Proposals at the TRIPS Council, Extending Article 23 to Products other than Wines and Spirit, Issue paper No.4, by Dwijen Rangnekar, 2003, 46 pages

Indicators of the relative importance of IPRs in developing countries, Issue paper No.3, by Sanjaya Lall, with the collaboration of Manuel Albaladejo, 2003, 37 pages

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights: Lessons from Korea´s Experience, Issue paper No.2, by Linsu Kim, 2003, 31 pages

Protecting Traditional Knowledge and Folklore: A review of progress in diplomacy and policy formulation, Issue paper No.1, by Graham Dutfield, 2003, 57 pages


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