Main Areas of Work and Achievements

Under the areas of its focus, the UNCTAD Insurance Programme conducts its activities at the international, regional and national levels, as follows:

Policy Analysis and Technical Cooperation:

  • The UNCTAD Insurance Programme monitors policy developments in the area of insurance with special emphasis on their development implications for clients in developing and transition countries. The Programme has so far produced more than 135 publications on various insurance matters including accident, fire, motor, life, agriculture, marine insurance and others.

    It has also developed the modern Marine Insurance Contract and Policy Clauses, now used universally by all insurers the world over.

    Recently, the Programme has elaborated 10 publications targeted specifically at SMEs, dealing with issues such as training of insurance agents and brokers, the role of insurance for successfully managing business, and catastrophe insurance risk coverage.

  • The Insurance Programme team of resident staff and consulting experts provides, in beneficiary countries, policy advice and assistance in elaborating or updating policies and legislation on insurance in line with international best practices tailored to national conditions and taking into consideration cultural diversity and differences in the socio-economic environment.

    To date, this assistance has been extended to more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, including in post-conflict situations such as in Afghanistan.

  •  The Insurance Programme team can also organize custom-made training and educational activities for government officials in insurance supervisory or regulatory functions, private sector insurers, as well as SMEs on various insurance topics, placing emphasis on special issues faced by developing and transition countries.

  • The Insurance Programme also carries out technical assistance projects in client countries upon request and subject to funding.

    For example, the Programme has been seeking funding to implement four technical assistance projects for Africa, developed jointly with the African Insurance Organisation (AIO) in the areas of capacity-building for African insurance training institutes, development of life insurance and pensions in Africa, capacity-building for African insurance supervisory authorities and the development of the African Centre for Catastrophe Risks.


Consensus Building:

  • The Programme actively participates in intergovernmental meetings on insurance at the regional and international levels, and collaborates with international, multilateral and regional organisations in developing and transition countries as well as with private companies and civil society. 

  • The Programme also promotes cooperation on insurance matters and endeavors to advance harmonization of insurance standards and best practices worldwide.


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