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Strategy to develop entrepreneurship and innovation

Posted on: 01 Feb 2018

Country: Ecuador

Continent: Americas

Policy Area: Entrepreneurship strategy

Type Of Policy Resource: Early implementation

Description: The strategy set the ambition target to transform Ecuador in one of the most attractive countries in Latin America to start and grow a business, generating new entreprises with export potential, decent jobs, more opportunities for Ecuadorian and growth and development for the country. The strategy puts high priority on development of innovation and entrepreneurship education and skills development. It proposes investment in human resources and in technology development, favouring I&D and local absorptive capacity. The action plan has mobilized more than 150 partnerships from public and private sector for implementation.

Aim: To develop a national strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship a public-private alliance has been created the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (AEI) with the participation of more than 300 stakeholders public and private that have provided inputs and engaged in the implementation. UNCTAD provided methodological and financial support together with the Latina American Development Bank (CAF).

Implementing agencies: Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Evidence of results: In 2015-17 1000 new jobs created; Exports mobilized grew from $US 2.3 billion to 7.0 billions; 21 new financial services and funds set up . A proposal for a new holistic bill to tackle gaps in the regulatory framework has been formulated and

Links: http://www.aei.ec/estrategia/

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