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Entrepreneurship Strategy of Ethiopia

Posted on: 06 Jul 2018

Country: Ethiopia

Continent: Africa

Policy Area: Entrepreneurship strategy

Type Of Policy Resource: Proposals under government consideration

Description: Establishment of an ecosystem that takes into account regional diversity, rural development, and aims at creating local higher value added content in manufacturing and services. Women, youth, rural and social enterprises are among the priorities and target groups.

Aim: Establish a conducive environment to foster entrepreneurship for all.

Implementing agencies: Ministry of Industry

Evidence of results: The draft of the strategy is the result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Industry, UNCTAD and UNIDO. The first consultative workshop gathered more than 100 participants on the first day, and around 60 participants attended the different working group session during the second day. 5 thematic working groups were organized in Addis Ababa. Working groups in 4 different regions were formed to discussed the barriers to entrepreneurship as well as the policy proposal to remove them.


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