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Tunisia Start Up Act

Posted on: 06 Jul 2018

Country: Tunisia

Continent: Africa

Policy Area: Regulatory environment

Type Of Policy Resource: Early implementation

Description: The establishment of a series of support initiatives for qualifying entrepreneurs, including significant corporate tax exemptions, capital gains tax exemptions for investors, special customs procedures and salary compensation for start-up founders. The Startup Act has 20 measures, the majority of which are stipulated in the approved bill. These measures are divided into the following five major components: 1) Definition, label and governance 2) support to entrepreneurship 3) creation, development and company liquidation 4) access to funding 5) support to internationalization.

Aim: To anchor Tunisia's economy in the digital age, the policy aims at encouraging young people to pursue innovative business ventures and drive growth in the science and technology sectors.

Implementing agencies: Ministry of Communication Technology and Digital Economy

Evidence of results: Not yet available

Links: https://www.ilboursa.com/docs/Startup%20Act%20-%20Mesures%20Propose%CC%81es.pdf

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