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Posted on: 12 Dec 2018

Country: Switzerland

Continent: Europe

Policy Area: Regulatory environment

Type Of Policy Resource: Early implementation

Description: EasyGov is a one-stop shop that centralizes, facilitates, accelerates and optimizes the mandatory administrative procedures for companies. Established companies can also perform many administrative procedures. The following electronic services are available: Business creation; social security registration, accident insurance; registration with the commercial register and specific operations related to VAT registration, extensions and declaration.

Aim: The goal is to make necessary administrative tasks simple, fast and efficient. It is currently available mainly at the federal level and will in the future also be available in many cantonal authorities and at a municipal level.

Implementing agencies: SME portal, part of the Ministry of Economy

Evidence of results: Not yet available

Links: https://www.easygov.swiss/easygov/#/en

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