Recent activities

In 2012, the UNCTAD Insurance Programme successfully concluded the Project on "Strengthening SMEs' Development and Access to Insurance and Financing" in Morocco. This project provided tools to Moroccan SMEs to improve their access to insurance and financial services and products.

The main outputs of the project include:

  1. Insurance Guide for Moroccan SMEs: This guide presents complex insurance concepts in a simple and clear language. It describes the basics of insurance (management of risk, concepts and mechanisms of insurance, the role of insurance in management of enterprises, etc.) and raises the awareness of SMEs about the importance of insurance for successfully managing and growing their business.

    Download: Guide d'assurance de la PME au Maroc

  2. Training Manual for Insurance Agents and Brokers: This training manual provides insurance agents and brokers with an overview of insurance covers that are useful to SMEs and includes a review of the legal and regulatory requirements in Morocco. The Manual equally provides a methodology for correctly marketing and pricing relevant insurance products.

    Download: Manuel de Formation pour Intermediaires d'Assurance

  3. Technical study to develop an index-based insurance product against the loss of crop due to draught: This study will allow insurance companies in Morocco to develop an index-based insurance product against the loss of cereal harvest due to draught, Compared to other agricultural insurance schemes, the index-based method can be a more objective, quicker and simpler method of providing financial payment to farmers in case of draught.

    Download: La Conception d'un Modèle de Gestion du Risque Sécheresse, Cas des Céréales au Maroc

  4. Private Equity Guide for Institutional Investors: This guide encourages institutional investors (banks, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.) to invest their capital into private equity funds operating in Morocco. It explains the legal, tax and regulatory environment concerning private equity funds in Morocco and it also presents potential institutional investors with information about market opportunities for investing in Morocco.

    Download: Guide du Capital Investissement au Maroc pour Investisseurs Institutionnels

  5. Private Equity Guide for Entrepreneurs: This guide provides entrepreneurs with essential information about private equity as an alternative source of finance and also includes information on how to access it.

    Download: Capital Investissement au Maroc: Guide Pratique pour Entrepreneurs

  6. How to finance your business - a Guide for Moroccan SMEs: This guide provides a review of all available schemes and sources of finance currently available for SMEs in Morocco and discusses advantages and disadvantages of each type of finance. Finally, it illustrates how best to access and benefit from each one of them.

    Download: PME: ou Chercher l'Argent? Guide Pratique sur les Sources de Financement

The above tools have been developed in close cooperation with local professional associations and federations who have ensured their widest possible diffusion through their own distribution channels.

All these products have been elaborated with a view to be adaptable to other countries at low cost. Interested countries or organizations may contact us for further details.


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