How to Work with us

We offer collaboration for our capacity building and training programme, technical discussions and consensus building on intellectual property, technology transactions, and sustainable development. 

Work with us

Request for training and advisory services

UNCTAD provides technical assistance to governments upon request by government agencies and depending on the availability of resources. Please contact us for further information.

Development partners and donor agencies

UNCTAD provides a unique approach that considers investment, private sector development and technology, and the role intellectual property rights play, in an integrated manner and with a focus on enhancing productive capacity, generating employment and reversing brain drain from developing countries. It works with regional and international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations.

Contact us if you seek to jointly implement projects for capacity building, improving the policy and legal framework in developing countries, regional trade partnerships and to build consensus at international level on intellectual property and sustainable development.

Academia and civil society

UNCTAD provides a global case law database consists of judicial decisions from all jurisdictions on intellectual property and public case.

Contact us if you would like to contribute to the database, or to involve UNCTAD in intellectual property policy and capacity building.


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