Distance-learning programme for negotiators of IIAs
Negotiators of international investment agreements, policy-makers and government officials involved in investment issues, IIA experts, academia, private sector and NGO representatives. Training
Objectives: Dealing with key issues in IIAs, the programme precedes and complements participation in the regional intensive training session for IIA negotiators. It aims at facilitating access to the course and is accessible through the Internet or being delivered from regional centres.
Format: Internet (IIA website) and CD-Rom based distance learning modules based on the curriculum of the intensive training session for negotiators of IIAs and prepared using the Train For Trade methodology.

Distance learning course material contains participant´s manuals, Powerpoint presentations with video support, tests and an on-line forum for discussions.

5 training modules:
  • Scope and Definition
  • Admission and Establishment
  • Treatment (NT, MFN, FET)
  • Protection (Taking of property, transfer of funds)
  • State-State and Investor-State Dispute Settlement

Distance learning modules are available in French and English and are being prepared in Spanish and Portuguese.
Demonstration: To access the demonstration of the IIA distance course, go to E-Platform Demonstration, press "Enter" and go to "Support Material".
Registration: The distance learning programme is delivered in each region prior to each intensive training sessions of IIA negotiators. See calendar of forthcoming sessions.

For further information and registration, please contact Anna Joubin-Bret.

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