UNCTAD-ICC Investment Guides: Funding
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This is an extra-budgetary project and is funded entirely through resources other than UNCTAD´s regular budget. The average cost to UNCTAD of implementing the project in any one country is $170,000.

Work in any particular country is thus dependent on the resources available. Some of these resources may come from UNCTAD´s trust fund for the project, but these are not usually sufficient by themselves. The Government of the country can make the process move faster by approaching donor countries and agencies represented within the country. The approach could be a joint one, involving, for example an exploratory letter from UNCTAD to a potential donor and immediate follow-up contact by the IPA or other appropriate agency.

A request by a non-LDC country can be considered only if full funding can be found, since the resources of the UNCTAD trust fund are generally available only for work related to LDCs.​


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