FDI Stocks

FDI stocks
FDI stocks are presented at book value or historical cost, reflecting prices at the time when the investment was made. For a large number of economies, FDI stocks are estimated by either cumulating FDI flows over a period of time or adding flows to an FDI stock that has been obtained for a particular year from national official sources or the IMF data series on assets and liabilities of direct investment.

Data revisions, updates and verifications
All FDI data and estimates in the World Investment Report and in this database are continuously revised. Because of the ongoing revision, FDI data reported now may differ from those reported in earlier Reports or other publications of UNCTAD. In particular, recent FDI data are being revised in many economies according to the fifth edition of the balance-of-payments manual of IMF. Because of this, the data reported in last year´s report may be completely or partly changed now.

Data verification
In compiling data, requests for verifications and confirmation were made to national official sources for virtually all economies to reflect the latest data revisions and accuracy. In addition, Web sites of certain national official sources were also consulted.


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