Research on Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises

Multi-National-Enterprise_300x200.gifUNCTAD´s work programme on Investment and Enterprise carries out in-depth analysis of the development impact of FDI with a view to helping developing countries maximize the net development benefit of FDI.

In this area, its main mandate is embodied in the paragraph 147 of the Accra Accord :

quoteUNCTAD should continue to produce policy analysis on the development impact of FDI. It should focus on ways to maximize the net development benefits of FDI through appropriate host- and home-country policies.

It should develop its activities in collecting and analysing data on TNC activity and relevant national and international laws and regulations, and strengthen its assistance to help LDCs formulate better policies on the basis of accurate and up-to-date information.

It should continue its policy-oriented research on issues related to the interaction of FDI and domestic investment, the relationship between ODA and FDI, the impact of FDI on industrialization and entrepreneurship, and the role of FDI in services, infrastructure development and the building of export capacity and human resources.

Other issues include the linkages between foreign and domestic firms and best practices to encourage greater flows of investment that is conducive to development.

In addition, UNCTAD should further analyse investment from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, as well as explore the scope for deeper South-South cooperation.quote

Major findings are published in the World Investment Report- UNCTAD´s flagship publication, as well as other research output.

World Investment Report
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