Capacity-building on FDI Statistics
The lack of relevant, reliable and timely information on FDI and TNC activities and the insufficient capacity to analyze such information is part of the problem of attracting FDI in a number of developing countries (particularly LDCs). It thus prevents them from making appropriate decisions and formulating development oriented policies on FDI. Therefore, UNCTAD´s aims at increasing FDI inflows to these countries, by formulating FDI policies based on quality FDI data, and information of TNCs operating in the region or the country. More specifically the assistance aims at:
  • Enhancing the capacity of government agencies in developing countries to compile, disseminate and analyze data on FDI and TNC activities through implementing internationally recommended methodological standards;
  • Enabling national authorities to maintain high-quality and up-to-date databases;
  • Enhance the capacity of national authorities in analysing data on FDI and activities of TNCs and in assessing their impact in the economy;
  • Strengthening networking among national authorities involved in FDI data compilation and reporting, and in FDI policy issues and investment promotion activities, so as to facilitate the exchange of experiences;
  • Strengthening the regional cooperation through intra-regional FDI and harmonization of FDI data, which could be used as a platform on the basis of which the regional groups are able to formulate regional plan and initiatives related to FDI.

  • 2008 Report
  • 2007 Report
  • 2006 Report


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